The Business Model of UNISCRAP is totally Innovative and Complex. Our Volunteer Ecosystem can be shown in the below graph. The philosophy of our Corporate Model is the sustainable collaboration of Research Centers, Non-Profits/Stakeholders/International Organizations and the technology Providers with Industry.

We believe that the best Environmental Technologies can be developed from Research Centers for the needs of the Community by the Technology Providers and Creators. The implementation of them are taking place with Non-Profits, Community and International Organizations. Our goal is to involve the direct Society (citizens) as they gain real benefits in Multiple levels.

Last but not least, as the Industry is a core sector of the Economy, our solution creates Multiple benefits in terms of Environmental Efficiency, Energy, and Resource Management. One of the goals we achieve is the tremendous Reduction of Resource Management Operation costs by 95%.

Address: 1000 N West Street, Wilmington, 19801, DE

Tel. +1 (302)-456-7890

Our Commitment:

"We make the World Responsible and Great, through Environmental & Social Impact" P. Kollas, CEO

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