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Nikos Lempidis

Internal Behavior X-Ray Analyst, Switzerland

Nikos works on the Financial Model Committee and he is linked with Lee Iacocca Institute of United States.

Maria Mavrikaki

Ex CEO of Green Fund

Maria is advisor of the CEO on Environmental Issues, and she is supporter of our Organization from the DAY 0

Teruyuki Yamamoto

Highly Passionate on Sustainable Farming, Japan

Teru huge experience on International Business make him great predictor of our Results. He is on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Directors.

Sandeep Pillai

Spiritual Guru specialist, India

Sandeep is leading the development activities in Kelara, India

Santiago Morfin

Social Economy Specialist, Active Volunteer, Mexico

Santiago support the Circular Economy Initiative and the Innovation Center we handle, also he is an internal couch who evaluates our progress and activities

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