Completed Projects

  1. Solar Energy Project in Evaggelistra, Mandraki, Nisyros (Oct 2019):

Details: Total Energy Production 10.5 Kwh /day

Business Purpose: Autonomous Power production for the Spyladi Project

Sector: Private sector (Households)

Solar Panels Installed
Solar Panel Base
Power Control Panel
Smart Inverter, Charger Control, Cables Connection, etc
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2. Solar Energy Project in Paloi, Nisyros (March 2020 is being delivered):

Details: Total Energy Production (Max): 45.5 kWh/day

Business Purpose: Autonomous Power production for the Municipal Parking, for recharging the Electric Vehicles and energize all the Storage Area of Municipality of Nisyros

Garage of Vehicles
On the Roof we will install the Solar Panels
Vehicles' Garage
Electric trucks
Here we will install the Electric Chargers
Right Part of Garage
Here will be the Installed period
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Our Commitment:

"We make the World Responsible and Great, through Environmental & Social Impact" P. Kollas, CEO

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